Aurora Feint
Cost: Free
Type: RpgPuzzle

What is it?
Auora Feint is a Free 2.0 game that combines basic rpg elements with addicting puzzle elements

This is the actual Puzzle element were u can connect 3 pieces of the same element together like the meteos game by nintendo for the ds. these pieces earn exp which earns you levels and a type of currency the game uses for the store. The levels you earn can be used on skills to enhance game play.

Store: In here you use that currency i mentioned to by Skills(challenges that enhance game play) Magic Books(challenges that enhance game play in a different way) and scrolls (havent bought one yet)

Smith: Where you use skill blueprints. like mini challenges. like collect 20 air essence within 2 mins
Tower: where you use magic books. mini challenges in a different way.
uses turn amounts like clear this screen in 3 turns

Pictures - Some things i dont know what are for like the party tab? that confuses me also like the community part.

Graphics: 5/5
great use of graphics compared to bright puzzle games in the past this one twists to "fun" out of puzzle games lol.
Sound: 4/5
only had one problem where it stopped looping once. other wise nice ancient mood to the sounds
Game play: 5/5 keeps me playing it all day while sitting in the irc chat.
OverAll: 5/5
Game is fun and worth the icon space on your phone/ipot