Hey guys, just wanna give a somewhat long-term review on using the Gevey SIM.

Little background info:
I split my time between New York and Shanghai so I need an unlocked phone. Contrary to what some people think, buying an unlocked phone in oversea market was difficult, most of Asia countries did not have consistent supply until this March.
I had to settle and buy it when I was in New York this January. Of course the unreasonable practice of Apple/AT&T is, paying $600 without contract obligation and yet it's still a locked phone.

I got tired of waiting for the Dev team unlock, I got tired of using the phone as an iTouch and carrying another phone around in Shanghai, so when the Gevey unlock solution came out on 3/14, I had to give it a try. I went to the local store that was doing the unlock, paid 400RMB which is like $60, the guy unlocked the phone in under a min.

After using the phone in Shanghai for 7 weeks, I can honestly say it's very reliable.
The signal is very stable, I have full bar with China Mobile service. When you do lose service in case of subway/elevator/etc, it always finds the service again when signal becomes available.
I only had to redo the unlock process once. I was on a subway ride to a remote suburb area and lost the service, once signal was back, my phone service was back on, but could not get back on the data service. I had to reboot the phone and do the unlock process.

I got the gevey sim here.
I am affiliate with this site, just want to their product really works.

IMHO, if you have a locked phone, as of now, Gevey is the way to go, especially with the price rapidly dropping. I experienced no negativities of any sorts. Hope that helps.