I am looking for a device (android-smart phone-tablet PC) which is able to do the following:

1. Recognize handwriting with pen (or other sharp objects) on touchscreen and put into Winword, Powerpoint, Excel or similar chosen format.
2. have Bluetooth earplug with earprotection (filtering loud background noise for both ears) and filtering/sharpening human voice to understand in the loud area.
3. programmable to noicerecognition for chosen device such as scanner or drill etc to let through those noises through the earprotection. This would be a plus but not requirement
4. have a Bluetooth microphone (separeate to earplug in a form of pen placed in pocket over heart or built in ear plug on one side) filtering human voice through loud background noise to understand speach on the other end of the phone line and so that the voice recorder could recognize the spoken words.
5. have a software which transforms speach (any language or minimum English) into writing into the chosen formats as Winword etc.
6. have a software converts jpg formats (scanned handwriting) into Winword.
7. have HD video recorder
8. have a front camera 2MP and back camera 8MP or higher (for high quality photos)
9. skype phone
10. Wifi internet recognizing hotspots or be able to connect at home the houseinternal internet connectable with external harddrive to run CAD design and Photoshop etc softwares.
11. supporting Java and other homepage building softwares to publish

Please let me know
if that device already exist
how much does it cost (price+delivery to the UK)?
if not exist
it is already on the marketsomewhere else?
if it is still not on the market
what is a device which is on the market with the nearest match?
if there is no near match
Who would implement this device? and how long to wait?

Thank you for your help.