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Thread: Case? Do you really need one?

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    Drop mine to much not to have it in a case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mastsethi View Post
    iPhone looks stunning anyhow. Do you really enjoy keeping your phone in a case?
    I bought my iPhone 4 for the looks (among other things), I don't use a case. After a couple of years it has a few scratches but that just gives me more reason to buy an iPhone 5.

    No antenna problems.

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    I don't use a case or screen protector on my 4S. I've dropped it onto carpet countless times, and dropped it from about 5 feet nto cement a time or two. All I have is a little scratch on the back. If you are generally cautious with your phone I don't think a case is necessarily essential, although the peace of mind that comes with one is nice.

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    I was thinking exactly the same thing and applied only Zagg's invisible shield. By now, i want a different look of my iPhone and look for some cases with bright and vivid colors. But, if you don't want a case, Zagg's invisible shield might be a good choice for you.
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    Are there glow in the dark iPhone cases available?

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    why not have one...I protects the phone and some cases look cute and great=] so, cases are needed!!

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    I dont use one at all,

    But i do iPhone repairs / conversions for the company i work with so it doesn't bother me if i break something, i just swap it out, not to mention i now have like 9 different colour kits myself anyway.
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    Well case is not to make iPhone look good, I mean i don't think that's the main purpose. The main purpose of case is to keep iphone secure, and usually for people who work out of office and has on field job, iPhone don't survive long without a case, so in short cases are life savors for those having a field job.

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    actually, I have replied before, and I think there's a need to have a case. Not only to protect but also a fashion.

    Here, I got 4 cases here, and I don't know which should i choose.

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    i don't like case at all

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    Personally, I hate the idea of having a case cover up my gorgeous iPhone. But it's more for functionality than anything else. I went ahead and purchased the Ballistic case, with (I think) 5 layers of protection for my phone. Mostly because Sprint does not insure the iPhone if it is lost, stolen, or damaged. Also, I am probably the biggest clutz on the face of the Earth and I drop my phone(s) just taking it out of my pocket.

    I only wear the case when I'm out of the house. But when I'm home, I'm pretty much touching and playing with the sleek and naked iPhone.

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    Hi. I totally agree that the iPhone looks amazing and you really feel like not putting it inside a case. However, with my iPhone I would not prefer to take any chance with it as it would keep my phone free from scratches. Cannot afford to take risk with my iPhone.

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    i prefer not use a case

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    I do use a case. That way, my phone doesn't get annihilated while it's in my pockets.

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    people always ask a question like this. the first case i buy just for the beautiful feature, but then i found it is so important for protection role.

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    I think it's is in the best interest of my iPhone that I keep it in a case so that it gets protected from all the scratches and fall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tort11 View Post
    I don't use any cases. It looks great without any cases.
    It's more better to have a case to protect your iPhone from everyday hazards. Check out list of highly protective iPhone case. More from EDGE Design - iPhone 5 case | iPhone 4S case | iPhone 4 case

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    I like putting mine in a case.

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    some ppl use it as a ornament and some ppl use their cases as protection from scratches or in case they let it fell off right to the floor :d i use mine for protection + looks cool so its a double win

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