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Thread: HDMI adapter vs. Apple TV?

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    Default HDMI adapter vs. Apple TV?
    I have an iPhone 4s and I want to know what the best options for mirroring and displaying videos and other media are..

    I just bought the HDMI adapter which is cool and it does everything that I wanted to do. It does mirroring and it will display certain content up to 1080 P. The only con I can think of is that you have to use the cord, oh and it was almost half the cost of the Apple TV.

    Of course, we know the Apple TV can do streaming via airplane. And it also does all the other functions that come with the Apple TV including Netflix etc.

    My question is: should I return the HDMI adapter and buy the Apple TV for an extra $50 or so?

    Are there any features or limitations with the Apple TV that I wouldn't have with the HDMI adapter? I know the HDMI adapter will stream and 1080 P for certain content. But what about the Apple TV? Isn't the Apple TVs max resolution 720 P?

    Lets get a good discussion going about the pros and cons of using either method.

    HDMI adapter:
    Small, compact, simple
    Easy to use, no setup
    Don't need to rely on any external network to display content, just plug it in and go.
    Max resolution 1080 P
    Can display any content, screen mirror, anything.

    Almost half the cost of the apple tv
    Have to buy an HDMI cable
    Corded, not wireless.. Limited to the length of the cable.

    Apple TV:

    I don't know because I don't own one. Are there any content restrictions? Will it display as good of a picture quality as the hdmi adapter?

    Besides 720p, the only other con I can think of is that it's one extra thing to carry around and set up, rather than just plugging the phone into the TV.

    Let's hear some good hands on experience. Does the 720p really make much of a difference, even if you are showing hi res photos or 1080 P recorded video?

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    I have an HDMI adapter but there's no display. What should I do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by agamomoy View Post
    I have an HDMI adapter but there's no display. What should I do?
    Are you saying that you have an HDMI adapter to be able to hook up to your display, but you don't have a display? In that case, go get a display!

    I think you're trying to say that it's not showing exactly the same content on your display that is being shown on your device. If you don't have an iPhone 4S or iPad 2, you will not be able to mirror the screen. You can play video and audio content from certain apps, but you can't display everything exactly as it is on your phone.

    You didn't mention what type of phone you have so I can't determine if you are supposed to be able to mirror your display or not. Have you tried playing a photo or a video from your camera roll? Have you tried YouTube?


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    Quote Originally Posted by icansi View Post
    I don't own one. Are there any content restrictions?
    Even when in mirroring mode I noticed that there're certain apps such as the HBO go at that will not output the HDMI. Even with the Apple TV it says that it will not output via HDMI.

    It only took a couple weeks for the novelty to wear off. I bought the HDMI adapter. Use it for couple days. Decided that I wanted to mirror wirelessly with the Apple TV, and return it for the Apple TV. It works great when I'm near my router in my house but in other parts of the house that are farther away it gets lagged. Since I didn't have both at the same time I wasn't able to make a good comparison of the picture quality between the two. As you know the HDMI adapter will display up to 1080 P where is the Apple TV will only display 720 P. But even with the Apple TV 720 P is still a good picture quality. The novelty wore off like I said, and I ended up returning the Apple TV as well. I ended up only using it for Netflix and I hardly used it for screen mirroring anymore. I already have a PS3 which will do Netflix so the Apple TV kind of defeated the purpose.

    That's not to say that I won't buy an HDMI adapter or another Apple TV in the future. Maybe they'll come out with a better Apple TV.
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