Hey all, I'm a college student and I wanted to ask for all your help, but at the same time I wanted to spread the word about a product I came across called The Surge. So first what I need from you guys is just to check out my blog and answer my surveys. My blog (click here) is actually on promoting Novothink's 'The Surge'. This is part of my marketing project and I need to get survey results and analyze them. There, simple as that.

Now, onto The Surge. Do you use your iPhone or iPod Touch often and find your battery depleting quickly? And sure enough your battery is almost dead in the middle of the day? Well what would you think about charging your iPhone or iPod touch with the natural power of the sun? Wouldn't it be convenient to have an extra battery pack that chargers wherever there is sun? The Surge is a simply a solar charger/battery pack for the iPhone 3G/S and iPod Touch. I'm an avid environmentalist as well as an iPhone enthusiast, which is why The Surge appealed to me as a great marketing project. You can check out The Surge here. I think The Surge is an excellent invention since there is a large iPhone and iPod touch community. Novothink has even developed an app (Free in the AppStore, just search "Novothink") that calculates how long you have to charge the battery pack and factors in how long and the the type of usage you have planned for your iPhone or iPod touch. Stay tuned on more information on The Surge for I will be posting more info after I meet up with Novothink @ Macworld 2010 this week. Also, I may be posting a giveaway sweepstakes once I get my hand on some samples! Thanks again!

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