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Thread: Monster vs Skullcandy vs V-Moda vs Shure

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    Quote Originally Posted by eurogroovem5 View Post
    so i ended up buying the 09' FMJs in black and white. Sure they looked pretty sweet with the fabric wrapped cord, but they failed on me in the first week and now im finally getting a chance to have them replaced. they had cost me around 65-70 or so and my 3 year old smokin buds which were around 30 are better sounding than the FMJs.

    i got an email from Skullcandy. they announced a new set called 50/50s. they look sweet but i dont think i can fall victim once again.

    So pretty much i have been looking at Etymotic HF2 and Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5vi. any opinion on these 2 choices? LoL you guys are awesome. sorry im such a whore with the headphones
    No problem at all man love to help. SC are basically cool looking cheap buds that claim to sound good. If you dont know what "good" sound sounds like then you will never know lol. The superfi 5's are pretty good. If you were willing to stretch your budget just a tad you can get the triple fi 10's for pretty good prices nowaays used since alot of people jumped on the cheap amazon deal. Read up on the head direct REO's if you dont want a ton of bass but clear crisp neutral sound they are a great buy at 79 bucks. If your more into bassy music then the nuforce ne7m is a great bargain i use them in the gym and they really are pretty good for the price.
    What is your sound preference that will help in which ones would suit you better.
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    I crushed my stock iPhone ear buds, and am looking to getting some better ones. I've gone through this whole topic, and I'm still unsure about anything.

    I listen to pretty much anything. Sometimes I like a lot of bass (hip hop, dance, electro) and sometimes I like it more clearer. I'm a recording artist, and do a lot of it on my iPhone with beatmaster 2, music studio, four track etc..

    I guess I'm looking for studio quality ear buds WITH a built-in mic that provides a variety of sound quality...


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    Monster Beats "Tour" with ControlTalk by Dre i have these and they ROCK!

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    Klipsh S4i's are the best under $100 pair I've heard thus far. If price is not an issue go with high end Shure.

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    Dr.Dre Tours are my favorite so far. All you hear is your own music, all else is blocked out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by E-Dragon View Post
    I love my V-MODA Duo's... Even washed them once and they still work fine, but I think that was more luck then the way they are built.
    I think (and others that have listened to them)that they have great bass..
    sorry if this is a really old thread that i am bringing back..
    but i got some v-moda vibe II duos and put them through the wash. still work great. i have stepped on them, dropped them and all kinds of things.
    i would recommend these to anyone, but i have never tried the mic.
    i also would stay away from skullcandy and beats, they are for looks and arn't that great.

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