I currently have a Jabra SP700 in my car that works perfectly, except I can't use it's voice dial feature as I have the original 2G (edge only) iPhone. Recently I've come across a minor sale on a SuperTooth 3, which supports text-to-speech and also downloading my entire phonebook to the device.

Since the SuperTooth 3 downloads the phonebook and also says that it supports voice dialing, I would like to think this would let me voice dial on my 2G, as it would all be handled by the device itself. However, upon reading the only manual, it states "for supported devices only", which makes me think it is no different from my Jabra, and it just uses the feature of the phone, if it has one (meaning the whole phonebook sync is solely to announce who is calling, and nothing more).

I've emailed BlueAnt but they haven't replied, therefore I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with a SuperTooth 3, and knows if it can or can't voice dial with a iPhone 2G or 3G phone (as in, not an iPhone 3GS with voice control).

Thanks in advance.