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Thread: iPhone factroy charger

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    Default iPhone factroy charger
    Does anyone else have this problem with their charger? I have 2 of them and they both are doing the same thing, they are about 6 months old.

    Are there any 3rd party chargers that are more durable?

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    mines doing the same thing its approx 2 months old and i rarely use my phone when its plugged in. its pretty rediculous if you ask me!

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    No problems here. 3 months+

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    yeah mines doing the same thing on both ends, I just bought a belkin charger but I have only had if for three weeks but its still completely intact

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    Then crappy usb cords all around it is.

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    yep mines a piece of sh**
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    Mine broke apart and bought one on eBay from Hong Kong for $3.00 including shipping instead on $25 at best buy. Works just fine,I wish I had bought 3 more they have gone up to $3.49. Wall charger included.
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    mine's still in the iPhone box. i'm just using the one that came with my iPod a few years ago and it's still going strong with no problems

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    yep ive gone thru about 8 of them..

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    i still have all of my ipod cables, every single one of them are in perfect condition, other then them turning yellow or brown (but thats mainly because they live on the floor)

    I wonder if its the way some of you fold your cable?
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    Ditto, I'm using the original USB cable I got over 2 years ago even though I have a couple in my desk drawer from other purchases.

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    That's actually where my original USB cable broke. It happened after 4 months with tender loving care. IMO, the original iPhone USB cable is of poor quality. When I went to the Apple store, they pretended that they never heard of this happening. They wanted $19.00 for a replacement USB cable. I purchased a replacement from eBay for about $2.99 and free shipping and it was a better quality USB cable.
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    Apple is skimping on the quality to maximize profits say it isn't so...
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    i want to say if you have a newer phone, they came with poor quality cables, unlike my 2g cables which have not given me a single problem. Also, I've bought 2 ebay cables, one still works after 6 months, the other has crapped out after 2 months.
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    I know it may sound ridiculous but whenever you take the cable off the phone make sure you grab it through the plug =D

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