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Thread: Mili Power Pack Battery for 2G & 3G!!

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    Default Mili Power Pack Battery for 2G & 3G!!
    The PhoneSuit MiLi Power Pack for iPhone is now available to purchase. It provides 350 hours of standby time

    The MiLi will give you the freedom to use your iPhone without the daily worries of running out of battery life! Enjoy your iPhone for voice, music, video, games and business applications with extended, stable power. You can now experience a full day, two days or more of uninterrupted iPhone power, depending on your usage. We know you only want products that compliment your iPhone’s appearance. So we developed a design that would appeal to all senses. The MiLi is made of the best quality materials and integrates the best in technology.

    The MiLi has been tested for Dual Compatibility with iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G.

    Charging the MiLi Power Pack
    Use the included USB cable to charge the MiLi power pack. Connect the mini USB end to the input labeled as “IN” on the MiLi. Connect the other end of the cable to a USB 2.0 or 1.1 compatible power source outlet.

    Charging external devices with the MiLi
    You can use the port labeled as “OUT” on the MiLi power pack to charge most external USB devices. To use, just connect the devices USB cable into the “OUT” port and it will charge your device using the MiLi battery. This is perfect for charging devices like a bluetooth headset while on the move.

    Battery LED indicator lights
    Press the MiLi power button to display the charge indicator lights. The lights will show you the percentage of remaining battery life in the MiLi power pack. Read the blue LED indicator lights from left to right as follows:
    - 1st LED on = MiLi Battery Charge is 0-25%
    - 2nd LED on = MiLi Battery Charge is 25-50%
    - 3rd LED on = MiLi Battery Charge is 50-75%
    - 4th LED on = MiLi Battery Charge is 75-100%

    Syncing with iTunes
    You can sync your iPhone with iTunes while it is still docked with the MiLi power pack. There is no need to remove the MiLi battery from the iPhone when synching with iTunes. Just use the included USB cable and connect to the computer you use with iTunes.

    MiLi Color Selection
    - High Gloss Black with Blue inner lining
    - High Gloss Black with Green inner lining
    - High Gloss Black with Gray inner lining
    - High Gloss White with Orange inner lining
    - High Gloss White with Green inner lining
    - High Gloss White with Gray inner lining

    Mili Power Pack Specifications
    Compatibility = iPhone 2G and 3G
    Battery Capacity = 1800 mAh, (2000 mAh coming soon!)
    Standby time = 350 Hours
    Talk time = 6 hours on 3G, 12 hours on 2G
    Internet use = 6 hours on 3G, 7 hours on Wi-Fi
    Audio play = 28 hours
    Video play = 8 hours
    Price = $79.99

    I am so getting this. Looks bad arse. Only problem is that it doesnt really offer any protection, but it also doesnt look half as bad as the alternatives.
    The Mili Power Pack Battery for iPhone by PhoneSuit

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    This looks just like the mophie one. Which i think didn't get great reviews because of the style of the case. It's a terrible choice for anyone who normally has their phone in a case. Just get a gumstick or whatever that just plugs in the bottom.

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    I think this one is a little better looking than the mophie one. seems more contoured and a little thinner. But other than that, your right. I just wish someone would make a little gumstick as you call it battery, whith a 1/2 inch cable attached so you can fold it over towards the back of the phone and maybe velcro it to your case.

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    i think my incase power slider is by far better, better protection, better looking, Feels great, works like a charm.

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    my only gripe about the way the incase works is that it is constantly charging the phone until its power supply runs out...thats why the battery displays on the lockscreen... so will this have any effect on the long term life of the iphones battery?

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    I purchased one of these off an ebay seller 12 weeks ago, and I have been really impressed with it. As my lad had it more times then I did to keep his 3g charged up, I have ordered another with impressive shipping of just 5 days from Hong Kong! I've had the second one around 3 weeks. The ebay listing is here External Battery for iPhone 2G/3G/3GS iPod Touch upgrad on eBay (end time 23-Oct-09 06:32:35 BST)

    It's a tight fit even for my totally stock iPhones, so if you have any sort of invisible shield on I don't think it would fit in. They are a built bulky, but well made and finished. The charge cable is a mini usb connector, which is hand because I have loads of these hanging around so I don't need to worry about carrying a specific cable around. There is also a USB out so if you need to you can plug a device in - ie you don't loose the use of your usb port while charging it.

    It claims that you can sync with iTunes with the pack connected, but iTunes never sees my 3G or 3Gs when they are hooked upto it.

    With the bulk it adds to the iPhone you don't really want to be slipping it in and out of your pocket all the time, really it's an emergency back up for when you can't hook upto a power point. I'm not sure because I haven't really timed it, but I think it seems to take a couple of hours to charge the external battery, there are 4 lights on the front that indicate charge level, and a button you can press to illuminate them to see how much charge you have. All four lit indicates full charge. I normally wait until my iPhone is at 10% and then plug it into the battery pack, if you let the iPhone completely drain then it takes ages at the Red Battery logo on the iphone indicating low charge - maybe 10 or more minutes. If you charge the iPhone from part full it will only charge it to 100%, then the iPhone will run as if plugged in until you disconnect the battery or the external battery drains completely.

    On the whole I think these are great value at around £38, you get a nice iPhone like presentation box along with the USB charging cable. More importantly both arrived fully charged (so someone has gone to the effort of testing them before shipping) and I have had no performance issues with either unit I have received.
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    This external battery pack is much better than the previous listed ones in this thread.

    Try it. It's only $8.37.

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