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Thread: BestSkinsEver vs InvisibleShield

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    Default BestSkinsEver vs InvisibleShield
    I know that many people like the bestskinsever for protecting their iphone, but i saw that invisibleshield also has some skins for the iphone. Is there a general consensus as to which is better? Bestskinsever is cheaper but if invisibleshield is better, i wouldn't mind forking out a little bit more money. Thanks.


    Found these reviews of BestSkinsEver, InvisibleShield, and BodyGuardz. A good read.
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    I have the invisablesheild, easy to install and theres no a single scratch since in installed it, recommend Invisablesheild, sure worth the extra bucks

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    I have a BSE skin and love it.

    The only downside to these is that the edges can collect dirt rather easily.

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    Invisablesheild sucks. Everytime ive got them they all have imperfections on the plastics! just not worth it, also makes your iPhone look stupid.

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    Have BSE and I love them, way better than running naked. Easy to install and give a great tactile feel.

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    BSE is best. Ordered 2 of them for my phone but one had an imperfection so BSE sent me a new one ASAP with no questions asked and no extra charge

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    I just installed my invisishield yesterday and so far I am enjoying it. It does feel a little different, and it is harder to full out of pockets because it is not smooth. The best thing about it is that just about no fingerprints show up at all on the screen.

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    I would Recommend BSE. Great price, ships same day, excellent customer service.

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    I have no experience with BSE but I have Invisibleshield and can share my experience. I bought the full body wrap, front and back (2 pieces). Its not difficult to put on but it takes time and you have to be patient. Follow the instructions to the T, use lots of liquid spray they provided or you'll get smudges on the underside of the invisible shield. I have them on for close to 2 months now, I'm very happy with it. I have kept my iPhone in my pants pocket with change and keys, no scratches whatsoever. I have even droped the iPhone once, again no scratches. I have also used it with case mate leather case and it fitted fine with invisible shield on iPhone. Overall, I'm very happy with the invisibleshield. No scratches whatsoever. IMO, invisibleshield is scratchproof period. BTW, no one knows I have the shield on unless I tell them. One last thing, with invisibleshield on, you get a feel of the iPhone when using it, not as slippery as naked iPhone.
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    I purchased 2 of the BestSkinEver Total Body Skin. After 4 days the top corner near the headphone jack and silent mode are not sticking anymore. It's now collecting dirt and dead skin (eww). I think its because I'm using my headphones and vibrate mode often, but man it's has been only 4 days!

    Anyone else having the same problem?
    Does the InvisibleShield have the 3 or 4 splits at each corner?

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    does the BSE skin cover the chrome? I have an acrylic case that i stopped using cuz it was scratching the chrome bezel, so I want to put the BSE on and then the case one the phone

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    I use invisiable shield on my phone, my roomate got the BSE on his

    As far as im concerned the invisable shield is much higer quality and covers more of the phone, even the chrome, and it doest collect dirt in the corners like the BSE does

    Invisableshield > BSE

    Plus you get LIFETIME free replacements ...

    Invisable FTW!!

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    im using the crystal film from:
    i like it better than IS and BSE cause it keeps the smooth glossed lock of the cellphone, nad you really dont notice it there

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    The problem with the crystal film is that it does scratch fairly easily. Wile I am glad that it got scratched and not my screen. I think that the crystal film scratches at a point where the screen would not have. And once it is scratched it's just as annoying as having a scratched screen until you replace it.

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    that's tre.. but i just hate the irregular surface that the scratch resistent films such as invisible shield and BSE. it jsut bothers me to not see it glossy :P

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    Just got my BSE...Love it...looks great!!!

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    just ordered my BSE. The reviews seem positive enough for only being like 9 bucks.

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    Sweet BSE, sending me a free replacement.

    As for the chrome, BSE doesn't cover the flat side (top/front of the phone) but it does cover the rounded edges.

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    hey sknlim, I see you got the incipio iphone pouch thing. How is it? I was going to get one but I have the BSE on, Does it fit in well?

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    I was looking at both the BSE and IS skins as well as the PS skins but decided to go with NLU's Bodyguardz instead after reading the iLounge review on all of them. The bodyguardz had the best feel and very close to the best protection plus you get two sets for the same cost as one IS.

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