hi guys,

just wanted to share with you that I recently bought a new case which is the iskin revo 2 diablo red color for iphone 3g.

here's the catch, im using an iphone 2g, and surprisingly, it fits!. I love it!.

at first, the silicon cover on the power switch can be difficult to press, im assuming that it was because the case was still new, after a while, it became soft enough to press.

it is a lint catcher, but once you wipe it with a microfiber cloth, kaboom, its gone!

you guys might be wondering why I bought this instead of a case that is fit for an iphone 2g. Well, I live in the philippines, and here they only sell cases for iphone 3g, so I decided to try if it would fit the 2g model, and it did, it has a better design than the iskin revo also

the only problem i've had so far is the visor, I understand that it is for iphone 3g but it kinda annoys me when the visor is loosely when I placed it at the front of the case whereas when I put it at the back, it has a snug fit, but oh well, I really dont mind it at all.

I love the case! I've been wanting to buy that (well, iskin revo that is) since last year but didn't find any here. offers great protection for my iphone, has a headphone jack cover and a charging port cover also. comes with a wonderful anti-glare, anti-fingerprint screen protector and let me tell you, it really is an anti-fingerprint, ive been using this case for 3 days now and I must say, ive never been more satisfied with a cellphone case than now. so thanks iSkin for making great products for the iphone!.

have a great new year guys! peace!