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Thread: Element Case

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    Default Element Case
    Does anyone have this would like to give me a review please

    Main site
    Home :: Element Case info. customized, alloy iphone cases, liquid iphone cases, and every kind of Element Case for iPhone and 3G

    I mailed them several days ago and haven't recived reply yet

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    alright, well i don't have an element case, but maybe you would appreciate my opinion?

    IMHO, i believe these things are made for mounting your iphone on the wall. Yes, it provides a lot of extra protection, but it's HUGE. And it is STARTING AT $100. I couldn't imagine carrying around a piece like that in my pocket, and i'm sure there isn't a holster that could accommodate its size.

    I would most likely stray from this case just b/c of its size and its price... but then maybe i'm missing a key point here about this case that actually makes it $100? (don't know what that is) I could get a quality authentic cowhide leather iphone case for less than $100, shipped from argentina or a nice authentic carbon fiber case for $85 that would turn heads everywhere i go.

    Hey, apparently you like the case, so i can't bash on it... but maybe this video from youtube by omarcorrea could help you with your decision.
    [ame=]YouTube - Video Review #114: Element Liquid Case[/ame]
    2G 16gb wrapped in a white incase slider w/ zagg invisible shield screen protector

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    [ame=]YouTube - Element Case For The iPhone 3G[/ame]

    Hit me up with a thx if you liked it

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    hey thats itsmemorphiouses review not yours!

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    wow he totally jacked itsmemorphious review !

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    That case actually looks pretty nice.

    The NS-5 Carbon looks amazing, but these prices are kinda over my head just for a phone case.

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    I looked into their cases in the past (the one's in question) and after reading some reviews (I don't recall where they were on the interwebz), I decided against them. For one, the cool translucent cover has to be taken off every time you want to access the touch screen. Also, the case is way too big... A bit too much for me. I hope that helps.
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    i really want one of these but not willing to drop 100 on it right now they do look awesome

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    Default Element Case
    They have some blems available for 40%off. For that price I'll give it a try.

    I'm going to order one and let you know what I think when it arrives

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    I really like this case
    I might try and get one

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    these things are mega bulky and to me its like puttin a small pocket dictionary in your pocket.I would rather get a otterbox defender even though both of them add too much bulk for me

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    here is my review on this case i really like this case man.

    [ame=]YouTube - Element case Review[/ame]

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