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Thread: Body Glove Headphones

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    Default Body Glove Headphones
    I finally found a substitute for the Apple Earbuds. You don't have to spend the $100 for the V-Moda's either. At my local Best Buy there is a Body Glove brand EARGLOVE SPORT STEREO HEADSET. On the box it says compatiable with iphone. I didn't believe them so they opened it and sure enough a little adapter that comes with the headphones fits perfectly. You can fit 2.5 or 3.5.

    The button has the same function as the Apple button. They are on sale for $33. Sound quality is great. I don't have Bose or anything to compare them to but definately better than the apple buds.

    This set has the fabric style cords so it doesn't tangle. These are not located with all the other headphones but with the cellphone headphones. The come with 3 different sized buds, and over the ear pieces if you want, or taken them off and use them like standard earbuds.

    For as often as I use the mic and headphones this is a perfect fit. Hope this helps someone else.

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    Am I the only one who read this as "bloody glove" headphones? ;P

    On topic: They sound pretty nice. My neighbor works for a mobile phone accessory distributor. I should see if she can score me some.
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    These sound great.
    But is there an answer/end/pause/next button?
    That is probably the reason I'm waiting for the new Vmoda's to be sold on, plus they're free.

    But this does sound like a really good deal.
    Lots of ear options!

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    yes they have the button and it functions just like the apple button

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    wow nice... Gonna get myself a pair of thos... Sick and tired of having to unplug my headfones just to recieve a call

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    I recommend if you do get them to set you eq on the ipod to treble booster. They have alot of bass. Now this is coming from a guy how is not overly critical with my sound and eq.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThinkandDrive View Post
    Am I the only one who read this as "bloody glove" headphones? ;P

    I did too...weird.

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