Greetings folks. This is my first post to modmyi. I recently jailbroke my iphone 4 just so I could install iBlacklist. So far so good. I did a lot of reading out here and everything is going smoothly thanks to what I was able to learn out here.

I really like iBlacklist so far and thought that it seems to be missing a couple of features. I thought it would be cool if I could select an action to play the "phone line disconnected" tones instead of a busy signal. This would be particularly useful against telemarketer-call dialing machines because, at least in the US, those machines listen for those three tones so they can mark the number as disconnected and not waste time dialing it. (Or pay for it if they purchased the call list)

I took at look at the iphone file system to see if I could figure out where iBlacklist was getting the busy signal audio file from. I took a look in /System/Library/Audio/UISounds and thought that ct-busy.caf might be the file, so I swapped it with something else and ran a test by adding my home number into iBlacklist and calling my cell from home. iBlacklist blocked the call, but still played the busy signal. I tried respringing and rebooting the phone. Made no difference.

I have tried searching the iphone file system with limited success and I have tried visiting every directory looking for other audio files (.CAF, AIFF). No luck so far.

I took a look through the folder and looked through the plist files hoping for a pointer to an audio resource, no luck.

I contacted the iBlacklist developers to request the feature. Maybe it will be in a future release. Maybe they ignored me

So, after all of the background, any thoughts on the iphone busy signal audio file? Do you think it is built into the hardware? Did iBlacklist perhaps embed the audio in their app binary?

Anyway, thanks for reading this far. Thanks in advance for any response.