Hi all,

Just wanting abit of help with a couple of issues I'm having hopefully someone here can help me.

First up I downloaded Final Fantasy III from the internet the ipa downloaded fine with no problems and I have downloaded other ipa files from the same website that have worked without a hitch and run perfectly on my Iphone, The issue I am having is getting the thing to install.

- ********** 5 - Installation starts then ********** crashes and closes.
- Appcake+ - Same as the above/Claims to have installed it (within seconds) but actually does not install at all.
- Itunes Sync - Won't sync the app to install it to the phone (Yes I have the correct ******* installed
Vshare - I move the ipa to the correct directory however the file is not showing in the "Downloads" area of the Vshare app. Did a test and downloaded an ipa to make sure I had placed this file in the correct directoy.

Please note I have rebooted each time as I tried something different to ensure it wasn't a once off thing I have tried the above multiple times and all have failed. Its not just the one ipa I have had issues with a couple of others aswell where the same in regards to the above have been the outcomes.

Now my other issue is I had an old 4.1 OS I believe on my 3GS with MXtube installed which had alot of downloaded music clips, I saved these to my harddrive so I would not have to download these again, updated my OS to 6.2.1 then proceeded to move the files in to the correct directory to play the files in the MXtube I downloaded on my 6.2.1 OS and MXtube fails to acknowledge that these files are in the directory so I am unable to play these through MXtube. (Did a download test to ensure I placed the files int he correct directory).

I am aware I can download from vshare the Final Fantasy file but when it comes to the point I am unable to find x ipa I would like to have a solution in place so I am able to have vshare pick up the files I have placed in the directory to install.

Same deal with MXtube except to get them to play via MXtube and not have to redownload all the content or play it through another media player.

Can someone please help me with the above issues this would be very greatly appreciated.