Hi guys,

I was looking if I can find a solution to the following problem, but after reading all the topics on realVNC and some over here I just can't find anything.

I have a iPhone 3Gs 6.1 (10B141) with a jailbreak and I installed Veency. I can connect to my iPhone at home without any problems at all. I set a password in Veency.

When I try to connect from a foreign computer (also Win 7) to my iPhone I get the following error every time:
"failed to connect: Connection timed out (10060)"

I use the newest version of realVNC at home, but on this machine is VNC Viewer E4.5.1 (r27892) installed, but trying it with another VNC tool like UltraVNC is giving the same error.

Do I have to use an alternative Port???