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Thread: Custom Songs in Osu! Stream from app store like Osu! from cydia?

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    Default Custom Songs in Osu! Stream from app store like Osu! from cydia?
    Excuse me if I am not putting this in the right spot.

    okay so now there's a game in Cydia called Osu! it's a rhythm game based off the PC/Mac version, it's mediocre and dont even have retina graphics, the Android build is almost Identical to the PC/Mac

    Them comes along Osu! Stream by the Dev themselves, Beautiful Graphics and Awesome smooth 60 FPS Gameplay...

    Only problem is there is no custom songs... which really defeats the purpose of having this game in the first place (TapMania is a Stepmania Clone and allows custom songs... im guessing the Dev just wants to cash in? no problem with that, just saying)

    I've dug in with iFunBox, I downloaded a song that was free and been trying to crack it, no luck

    It's an ".osf2" file, heres a download link

    I've tried renaming it to ".zip" and when I try and unzip it, it becomes a ".cpgz" file (something like that) and it's an endless loop back to zip and cpgz over and over.

    Anyone think they can crack this? It's an awesome beautiful game! it's just a shame that my android phone has a direct port and my iPod Touch 5g doesn't and has a no custom song limit.

    I've tried even renaming one of my folders to the same exact name as one of the DLC and deleting the DLC and adding a custom song and no good, im guessing if we could open the .osf2 we can see how the file system is (currently pc/mac version is SongFolder>Song.mp3 SongData.osu)

    If anyone knows what they are doing please help me out! I just want to run custom songs on the Beautiful retina version of the game and not the abandoned cydia version

    (If im doing something painfully obviously wrong I apologize, like I said I have a android phone for about 3 years, my last iDevice was a iPhone 4 so I haven't been on the scene in a while, i had to switch to tmobile prepaid to save money, have a iPod Touch 5g now so dont hate me )
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    Default bumps
    I had the exact same idea and would be very interested if something would be possible.
    Sorry if my first post here is a bump to an old thread however...

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    Default I would like this too.
    Yeah I was messing with the files, and noticed the odd extension, if anyone else is tinkering with this, and can find a way to make custom beatmaps for osu! stream, it would make this game so much better.

    So I'm bumping this thread as hard as I can.

    This thread looks like they're on to something, will try.

    Edit: Didn't seem to work for me, but maybe I did something wrong.
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    without the want to make you sad, but the osf2-format which you "discovered" there in the other thread is something totally different from osu!streams format. osf2 in osu! is afaik just an encrypted form of an archive similar to osz of osu which are just renamed zipfiles.
    I wouldn´t know of anyone who has been able to decrypt them yet, though.

    but as a start a database containing all (maybe as for now just the free ones as the others would be not that legal i guess) osf2-maps of osu!stream so people without jailbreaks would be able to operate them and try to crack them would really work. at least i think so.

    and yeah, i am bumping this too, it´s like osu!stream is the only game today that isnt at least being tried to be modded.

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