Recently I have been forced to use on a replacement device the security autolock passcode (complicated code) after some *** stole my iPhone, which for years I just tapped on the home button and used it, as did the person who stole my device... Lesson learned the hardway.
Anyway I found and tried using AutoProtect, as well as CleverPin when home, which in theory worked GREAT but after a while I started to have the email issue that has been so reported throughout numerous forums.
"No Message Content Dec 31, 2001" when AutoProtect or CleverPin bypasses the pass code entry.
In respect to the email issue even though I paid for CleverPin the developer has not ever responded to my inquiry on the tweak issue now over 35 days.

Ok I was wondering if there is a tweak that would allow me to enter a gesture or some simple input that would bypass the lengthy passcode entry that I have setup.
I want the passcode thats setup so that no one can get my personal info, but I'd prefer to be able to bypass it with a simple input of some type.