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Thread: Sbsettings toggle to enable/disable passcode lock

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    Default Sbsettings toggle to enable/disable passcode lock

    I've been looking for something like this for a while but can't find exactly what I need.
    I ideally want an Sbsettings toggle where I can quickly turn the passcode lock on or off, mainly when I get in the car and start driving.
    I've seen Cleverpin & SBProfiles, but both of these require a trigger (e.g. wifi or battery charging) for this to happen.
    I want to be able to do it manually without having to go into settings.


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    AutoProtect, or CleverPin are the closest you'll get. There are no SBSettings toggles for the passcode lock, but it's a great idea.

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    Yeah, looked at both those, unfortunately don't have a wifi connection when in the car to use as a trigger!

    I'm quite surprised no-ones thought of this before actually...

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    I'd love this toggle add on if some awesome person was willing to make it!
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    Clever Pin has an option to disable passcode when plugged into your car charger

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    Great idea!! POST FOR SUPPORT!! Someone do it

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    It would be great if there was an app that can offer this option.

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    Glad to see that this is getting some support, hopefully some clever developer can pick this up and initiate a toggle or app that can do this.

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