Ok, so i have been searching for the past couple hours for this..
I have an iPad and an iphoen, and have two things in need to do.
1) Play a movie on my ipad, and Be able to control it with my phone.
Found an app called Tangoremote.. Seems to do just that
2) The hard one, I want to Stream the AUDIO of the movie i am playing on my ipad, TO my iphone.
and (Being a little greedy)
3) an app that does BOTH 1, and 2, in one. !!
My purpose is as follows.
I want to use my ipad to play a movie on a projector, be able to control the play and pause and FF and rewind, with my iphone, BUT i want the audio to come from my phone, so i can plug my headphones in and watch the movie and listen to the audio through my headphones. and not the ipad that would be a good 20 feet away...
Thanks guys