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Thread: Tool to spoof the phones system language?

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    Default Tool to spoof the phones system language?

    there are more and more games and apps these days which support many different languages which I feel is a good thing, however especially in the case of games it annoys me, when I can't choose the language myself but instead it only runs in the language the phone is set to in the system settings.

    My native language is German and so I like having my phone set into German generally but in case of games I prefer playing the in English since on the one hand I am just used to it (back those days when I started playing on my NES games weren't often translated into German) and on the other hand often the quality of German translations is not that great (imho).

    The problem is now that as I said many games offer no language often, for example Chrono Trigger is such a game, it supports many languages and German is one of them. When I run it however it is German only and I can't change the language in the game

    The only way for me to play it in English is to change the language of the phone system wide

    Changing the system settings back and forth is of course also no option so I wonder if someone could investigate if an app for Cydia could solve that problem.
    I would love to see an app that could spoof the system language when a specific app is started, so that Chrono Trigger in my case would run in English but not every single app.

    Thanks for reading and would be happy if someone could look into this

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    I contacted the Square-Enix support about the problem of the missing function to choose the language yourself and of course I just got a "thank you, we will look into this" answer.

    So, did anyone investigate this or has an idea, if it would be possible to let apps like Chrono Trigger in this case run in English even though the phone is set to German?

    Thanks again and greetings!

    Thank you for contacting the Square Enix Support Centre.

    Thank you for your feedback which we are happy to forward on your behalf.

    Unfortunately there won't be a change in the near future. So in the meantime and as a workaround: maybe it would be an option to change the language settings to English for the game and switch it back to German, when you're not playing?!

    Either way, we hope you decide to get Chrono Trigger and enjoy playing it.

    We apologize that we cannot be of more assistance to you at this time.

    Best wishes
    SQUARE ENIX Support Centre

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