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Thread: iPhone contact app with realtime managing of Contacts

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    Default iPhone contact app with realtime managing of Contacts
    Having to edit contacts on my iPhone is not as easy as doing it on your PC and then syncing it back to the iPhone (small screen - no-keyboard, etc).

    How about a simple app made for the PC (Outlook is rather complicated - and paid) which will allow me to group/add/edit/import/export iPhone contacts easily - no frills just the most basic tasks. Windows Contacts will not allow me to group contacts + it requires yet another program: iTunes in order for the sync to take place. I do not like or use iTunes and I am scared of iTunes sync.

    I know you you use Gmail or Yahoo account and edit and sync contacts from there to my iPhone via Exchange - problem is - contacts are never really on the iPhone - if I switch off Exchange and remove the account from the iPhone, contacts disappear.

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    Nowadays there's a lot to choose from to manage contacts on the iPhone. Most of the ways, of course, are based on some kind of remote (online) sync. Have a look at some programs designed for the PC which would connect to your iPhone and allow you to operate with your iPhone contacts such as edit/group, import/export, etc such as this one: copy iPhone contacts.

    Also, have you tried the iCloud? I am not sure if the contact files remain on your iPhone with the iCloud switched on or they appear in some kind of intermediate state of existence between actual contact files on the device and remote files living on Apple's servers. It is certain however, that for security reasons, your contacts will be removed off your iPhone if you choose to remove the iCloud account from your device (same as if you do the that with an Exchange account - as you confirm). You do not need to pass through iTunes in order to sync your contacts with the iCloud, for you can do the sync from within the iPhone.

    I would say in your case the better solution to edit iPhone contacts from within your PC would be to stay with Windows Contacts albeit it does require iTunes and there is no contact grouping available.

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    Thanks for the answer wyman. I have not tried the iCloud all I want to achieve is to continue having my iPhone contacts sort-of "Nokia style": residing my iPhone without having to associate any external account such as email or Apple ID and not to mix them with other sets of contacts i already have (on my gmail account or even facebook). I will keep an eye on the app you provided.

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    I just wanted to thank Wyman for the useful post. I've been looking a while for a useful and non invasive way to manage/sync my iPhone contacts and trust me it took some time to dig this through.

    The program works wonderfully when adding and using iPhone contact groups. One downturn is it does not support calendars and notes and I think every self-respecting user who goes the extra mile of using third party tools to manage their iPhone contacts would also need a similar way to organize their other iPhone data.

    Also, I am not sure whether the program can avoid duplicates - yet to test that (i.e. if you try importing contact entries from your windows address book to the iPhone with the device already having some of the contacts existing through an Exchange sync).

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    Just tried adding a duplicate contact entry to my iPod touch and the program caught it:

    so I guess the answer is yes, it avoids duplicates.
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    I used copytrans contacts to download my iPhone contacts directly to my PC and store them for backup.

    I have an older iPhone 3G and unfortunately could not use the iCloud as a method for backup.

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    I only back up via iTunes and in the occasion in which I don’t want to restore to the full backup as I need to keep other data from my phone as well I just use iPhone Backup Extractor, I extract the data I need from the created backup and then import it to my phone, pretty easy and not as complicated as it might sound. You can do the same for your contacts.

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