Hi, i used the search function and i couldnt find it, so im trying it here.
Here's the situation.
Usually when reminders app is used, when the date/location is not included, in here, for example, buying pencils, -img_0343-1-.png-img_0344-1-.png ,
the lockscreen will be like this, blank.-img_0345-1-.png
Only when there's a location/time reminders than this screen will activate, like this - -img_0354-1-.png

Additionally, when someone unlocks the lockscreen this reminder/s will be gone if the screen is locked again.
I think this is intended by apple, so I would like to request if someone can help to create a tweak by giving the option of

1) making the reminders on the lockscreen appear even when the time/location reminders are not set -img_0343-1-.png
2) when the lockscreen is unlocked and locked again the reminders are still shown on screen, just like this. -img_0354-1-.png. Like, when the reminders app is opened but not ticked.

IMHO i think this tweak will be darn useful here, thanks!