Dear sir,

I have iphone 3gs jailbreaked. I have installed backgrounder and SAM.

Applications like Skype and Viber work fine with instant in coming calls and notifications for sms etc.

HOwever, I have problems with many other programs like

whatsapp and ebuddy.

When someone is chatting on ebuddy will keep showing up..when i minimize there is no message..opening again opens at the same point and takes 2-3 seconds to refresh and shows up new messages recived at the same moment.. It sould remain contected all the time right? Push for other upgrading notifications are showing up fine from ebuddy even when minimized.

For whatsapp, it gets connected and same happens when minimized..after like 5-10 miins, if i open, it says connecting.. however, in the fist five mins i even get push notifications..then stop as it is not connected.

Please help.

Thanks a million,