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Thread: Bypass unlock code with gesture

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    Default Bypass unlock code with gesture
    Sorry if this idea has been posted before. It's a bit of a hassle to type a code to unlock the phone every time, but I don't want to leave it unlocked. I would like an app that would allow the phone to be normally locked, but unlocked with a gesture that only I would know. It could be an Activator gesture, but the more customizable the better. Something someone unfamiliar with the phone could never guess.

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    Try android lock in cydia. Sounds like something that could work for you

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    Thanks for the response. My understanding is that Androidlock still requires a gesture of at least four dots, which doesn't seem any easier than typing four numbers. I'd like something which would allow just one gesture.

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    Wouldn't it be easy for someone to figure out, like just swiping in one gesture in all directions possible and finding the right one?

    In my opinion, android lock is probably the best way.

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    I probably wasn't clear. What I'd like is something that would still display and use the normal lock screen, but you could bypass it with a gesture. It wouldn't be easy for a stranger to figure out the alternative unlock gesture if they didn't know it existed. If a stranger tried to turn on the phone, they would just see the normal lock screen. It would actually make it more secure because then I could set a more complicated unlock combo than I have now. I have something really simple to make it easy to type.
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