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Thread: encoded sms app

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    Default encoded sms app
    ok i cant understand why there is no app like this available either on app store or via cydia so i guess the best thing is to complain about it and request one.
    i'm talking about a full sms app that utilises some form of heavy encryption like 128 pgp or similar? i dont mean an addon to the existing sms app but a full new sms with encryption cpabilities that doesnt require you to copy and paste encrypted code into sms app.

    just an app that utilises encryption and can also send/ recieve within the same app and where somebody need only to enter a prearanged password into the app to decrypt the message. and can also reply to sender with same app.

    the present apps that adress this are useless and require you to copy and paste code into sms app or read encoded sms via a web link.

    am i the only person that wants privacy and the telcos unable to read my sms messages?

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    If you find anything let me know
    i know crypophone from germany is seeing for possibilitie.... but .mmmm

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    and while on the subject a digital scrambler for voice calls would be nice too to prevent people eevesdropping on calls. again same sort of thing, voice is digitally encrypted and decrypted by reciever of call via a passcode.

    Quote Originally Posted by marcelkraan View Post
    If you find anything let me know
    i know crypophone from germany is seeing for possibilitie.... but .mmmm
    yeh, just googled that, something along those lines for voice and sms would be great as an iphone app
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    seriously, all high end business and corporate users require security in message systems. i know there are issues with encryption in the US but it doesnt apply to all countries.

    ultimately a single app that adresses security via encryption on all 3 points of comunication ( voice, sms and email) would absolutely kill it in the corporate and biz world and they are the kind of users that would be prepared to pay a good price for such an app.

    nobody wants big brother being able to pry and nobody wants corporate secrets being discovered because of no security.

    also as many legal issues an app like this may raise in certain countries the app store would most probably still allow it as it would increase iphone sales to the sort of users that dont buy them because of the lack of information security.

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