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Thread: Post your cydia app idea here

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    Quote Originally Posted by teej1410 View Post
    There is tweak for that I think. Check out Mail Enhancer or something with the name of mail in it.
    There's hope! Thanks

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    I'd really like something similar to the Safari Download Manager tweak that lets you download files with Skyfire. It's a browser that comes with some social networking integration, and most of all it lets you watch flash I've basically switched over to it completely. The one thing stopping me is the lack of a download system.

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    I can't believe someone hasn't created this tweak yet, but I've searched and searched and the closest I found was an app-store app (aSmart HUD) that flips the image on the iPhone so that when you put it on the dash, it displays correctly in the reflection from the windshield. Unfortunately (of course) that app only has it's own stuff to display (speed, position etc). It can't direct you anywhere.

    What I would like is a tweak (with perhaps a SBSettings toggle?) that flips the entire iOS display to mirror-image.
    That way you can start Tom-Tom and put the phone on the dash, and have the directions right there on the windscreen in HUD. Then you're not looking away from the road to check the iPhone screen etc.

    Obviously this would work best (probably only) at night.

    I don't know how to develop such a thing. If anyone knows of one, please speak up!

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    Default incoming call lock
    i'm not too sure if this is already out (i looked hard but couldnt find anything) but i was wondering if an app could be made that required a password to answer phone calls as they are private and i dont want anyone answering them.

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    Hi Friends
    Ive tried to search the net for some thing like this but guess its not there..

    HOW about an app that can INCREASE or DECREASE the size of INDIVIDUAL icon of ur choice..

    Well there WAS an app like that ... but it did it for ALL the ICONS ( not the 1 of ur choice ) ..
    How ever that also is not working on iOS 4....

    any 1 care to help for free or a fee.....

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    a screen healing app. if your iPhone's screen gets cracked you could just open this app and it'd regenerate..

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    Vertical "Slide to unlock"

    I don't know mich on the side of tweaks, and if this is even possible. However mainly for ipad it would be cool if the slide to unlock could be flipped vertically & put on the sides. In my opinion it would just look cool & if you combined it with a hidden slide to unlock theme it would deter nosy people even more from being able to get into it.

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    My idea is to have a skydrive app so you can access your skydrive and possibly a sync like dropbox. I have a lot more storage on my sky drive then I have on drop box for free. Android has an access app but no sync and iOS does not have anything.

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    delete it
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    admin control

    i am looking for an substrate app( i think so , i am not a programmer) the can alow you to create 2 user profiles! 1 - admin full control 2- guest control
    first category its clear for all, second category will allow only read option or just allowed action by admin user!
    action such as to delete sms call log , pics music change settings install or uninstall apps to be manged only by admin!
    if there exists such an app please let me know!!!

    PSr another option an app that can monitor in backgroung everything that i mention(sms pics music call log settings) and to creat a backup of them without using itunes or something else!!!

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    I'd really like to see a scrobbler tweak that actually works. There are two versions right now on Big Boss-- Scrobbl, which only works properly on iOS 3 (on 4 it gives you double artist names), and Scrobble, which doesn't work at all. :*(

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    Is there anyway to activate or register an IGOTYA subscription ......AFTER the phone's been lost?? I was running a trial period, and it had expired, and I lost my phone last night.... I do have emails that it sent to me during the trial period..If that help... Thank You

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    hi i was thinking of an app that deletes music from your ipod without the need to go through itunes

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    Hey I was wondering if anyone knew how to make this into an app. YouTube - ‪Glee Karaoke Unlocker for the iphone‬‏ I had sent a comment to the person who uploaded the video but he is not responding at all. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out Thanks !

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    i have to agree with a guy from an earlier post, a speech to text tweak thats native, one that i can use on the native messages app, maybe even with a headset, and also have it read incoming texts to you and what not

    and to the person who posted about native swype, there is a tweak in beta that adds it to all native apps and a few third party apps, he is working on making it a global keyboard to work in all apps, as of right now, its missing the blue trail line as you swype and its still not perfectly accurate but it is very good news
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    here's another one - we all know of the tweak 'scrolling board', well maybe the creator of that or some other random dev could tweak that so with the volume slider on the dock instead of that being a volume slider, it could be the position of where the song is at, and you could change the position of the song from that aswell. hopefully that makes sense. it could even be the volume slider in the normal multitasking panel .

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    Could you do a catchup-TV app, i see there is a bbc iplayer app,

    heres the site

    TVCatchup Mobile

    should be easy to do, i realize this can be done via a bookmark saved to the homepage, but when you use dreamboard themes, you cant as yet implement bookmarks, so this would sort this out, as well as its a good app!!


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    A keyboard theme that actually works on my iPhone. It might be that I'm doing something wrong but I doubt it. The rest of the themes I've downloaded have worked just fine for the most part.

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    An app to merge iPhone themes into one folder

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    Set the volume level on the stock alarm clock independently from the ringer, also have fade in option...

    Choose the resolution size of the pictures on the stock camera app, ie: take widescreen pics 16X9 or Standard 4X3.

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