could someone help me out please i'm trying to get to complete TRU-BLU theme but can not seem to find it i have searched to site but it doesn't seem to be where it should i realy like this theme as a friend had it on her old phone and i would like to get it for mine she does not have the phone any more so i cant get it from her.
I'm sorry if the answer is simple and i have not put in enough time to find it myself but this is my first post on the forum and have not been a registered user for long so i get side tracked every time i find something else cool i have an old 2g phone as i have just converted from being a full time Nokia user but my son told me to get an iphone after buying him a ipod touch 4g for christmas, so i thought i would start with an older phone and play around before moving up to a 4g.

Better stop waffling on!!!
Thanks In advance