Universal application (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) quickly searching within Contacts, Calendar Events, iPod Library.
Overcomes the limitation of research using Spotlight (included with IOS), which for example allows you to search a contact only by name.
Just type a single letter / number / symbol, and in a short time you will have the list of the results available.Each result will consist of the kind (contact, event, song), the field that contains the search string and the full value of the field with the highlighted searched term.
The custom search settings make the application flexible and adaptable to all requirements.The advanced search that allows you to search on a single "passage" multiple words/numbers/symbols as for search engines is quite useful.
Search Out search thoroughly and quickly in the following fields:
Contacts (search by name, company, e-mail, phone, address, url, contact notes, birthday, family, nickname, title, department, instant message)
Calendar (search by event title and description)
Libreria musicale (Search by title, album and artist)

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