Im searching for a Developer to create a very simple easy application so users can view my iPhone version ( of

Application Requirments:

- Mainly, just a simple browser application for cydia and rock that shows the iPhone version of ELF.
- 3 tabs at the bottom. Main tab for the website, second tab for to see downloads folder (For when they download episodes), third tab for about with the link and your information.
- I would like to see the application get submitted to Cydia and Rock, and Icy if possible.

- I will advertise your website/email/services on the homepage (90,000K views a month).
- You will get full credits for the application.
- You will also get administrator status on ELF.
If your intrested, please email me or contact me on MSN:

[email protected]

I WILL post here if the offer is no longer open. Thankyou,