Hi there. I got a great idea while i was playing around with pastebot. The app is a great external clipboard manager when you are working on the computer. I like to always have it running when the phone is docked next to the computer.

Wouldnt it be cool if the app launched automatically when you connect the phone? So its always open when you are working by the computer.. This could be used for other things then pastebots, like a photoframe app or a clock app or the photoshop shortcuts app or whatever you use when you are by the computer. Oh, and for this to work really well, it shouldnt be interupted with the "sync in progress" screen and if you exit the app it should be easy to get back to it (like if you need to check something else on the phone you press the home button and the app keeps running in the background and when you press the home button again when you are on the springboard you launch the app again (instead of going to the first springpage).

What do you think? Someone up for develop this?