so this isn't going to make you any more productive, but it would be some sweet eye-candy in my mind.

Currently the "background" as the iphone uses it is only seen for a split second on the lock screen before I swipe to unlock. I never really pay it much mind except if I were trying to identify my phone in a pile of iphones.

It needs something more useful. I know there are some projects going on to get widgets on the lock screen. But here's my request:

port xplanet to the iphone for the lock screen. Xplanet is free software, and source code is provided for you to compile it yourself. You could supply it with a nice map of the earth so it looks realistic, and it can download live cloud data to overlay. It could grab your area (somewhere in the northern hemisphere, since AT&T is only in the US) from your time-zone preference and render that general view of the earth. If you were really ambitious you could write an app that takes in your current GPS location so it can render your side of the globe, shading, clouds, etc based on where you really are. The app might even render different views (azymunthal, etc) or set the zoom of the planet so you can see the whole thing, or maybe just part of the globe.

The app could run in the background, updating the sun/night shading overlay, downloading cloud updates, and redrawing the image, which would be saved in the "wallpaper" folder.

Does this make sense? I guess what I would want is to be able to see a realistic photo of the earth, with real-time cloud overlay, AND with real time night shading. I used to have this on my desktop years ago, and it was pretty nice.

I got this idea because the static photo of the globe that apple supplies is kinda boring. I would love to do this myself, but I am not really familiar with cross-compiling source for the iphone. Also my macG5 runs a PowerPC processor and I don't think the new Apple SDK runs on PPC, only intel.