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Thread: New Google Voice App

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    Default New Google Voice App
    From Jeradin on GV Mobile forums:
    A good slap in the face to ATT/Apple would be to make GV mobile similar to biteSMS, where it can fully replace the phone app with a selection.

    When making a call you could select carrier or GV.
    When calling from GV it would route to carrier as normal but without you noticing it.
    Have an option to auto forward unanswered calls to GV voicemail regardless of if they are calling your cell or GV number, similar to *004*555-555-0000#

    With this I would recommend charging again for the app through Cydia, I would easily pay 10 dollars for a full featured phone app replacement and I am sure many others would.

    Of course i understand it would be a lot of work to get it all backgrounded and fully replace the phone app, also would need to have all the data voice mails and such be cached so the app didnt need to load... I like to dream though!

    I agree with all of this.

    Also, push notifications for sms and voicemail would be amazing. There would be alot of paying customers out there. Sean Kovacs developer of GV Mobile has not responded to any posts on his website in quite some time. Having someone else pick up on this would be amazing.

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    I know i would pay!

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    Bump, anyone working on this?

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    Umm yeah its called GOOGLE VOICE from cydia...

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    Sorry Haywire, but you are a retard. It is called GVmobile in Cydia, but it does not offer the same functions that myself and others are requesting and the creator is not offering any support or updates for it.

    Edit: Looks like sean is back and ready to move forward. Hopefully we see an update soon.
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