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Thread: Cooliris (aka) piclens online image viewer!

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    Default Cooliris (aka) piclens online image viewer!
    I was just thinking to myself, whenever i go to google to look at pictures, it really kinda sucks that there isn't a real easy way to view them.

    I mean i have to first type in what i want to view. then i have to expand the screen with my fingers just so I can push the little "images" link over.

    And when the images page opens up, I have to once again expand the page just so i can see a little itty bitty thumbnail.

    To which then I have to click on the image just to hope to be able to navigate to the little tiny link so that I can see a full size version of the thumbnail that was displayed on google images.

    Suddenly a thought occurred to me! Why isn't there a Piclens like feature on this magnificent phone? There is already the Photo viewer that pretty much functions the same way, only it is confined to pics that you already have stored on your phone.

    But what about the images that aren't on my phone?

    In case some of you aren't aware of this cool little add on for FF, I.E., or Safari, what it does is, it opens up this very cool matrix like wall that you can literally scroll through all the pictures that you would see on a google, or deviant art search.

    It's very cool. Thing coverflow only with online images. the best part is, is that it will actually show you the full size image and sharpens it up for you!

    So for my first request to all you incredible developers out there, is to see if you can finangle someway to create a piclens like app so that I can view online images the same way that i would be able to view my own personal images.

    Being able to save them would be great also.

    And if anyone knows of such an app that already exists with this feature, then let me know!

    Here is the link in case anyone is curious about this.

    Cooliris, Inc. | Discover More

    (oh and up until a few seconds ago, I didn't know that they were calling themselves cooliris, so if i didn't edit all the piclens to cooliris, thats why)
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    Good Post thanks, this is very useful.

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    I thought it would be good, but apparently no one else has thought much of it :-(

    Thanks though!
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    boe_dye, the universe loves you:

    Cooliris on the iPhone in the AppStore:

    And it's FREE & VERY COOL. I've been using this with FireFox & Safari. I've even asked the devs to consider making a mac file browser using Cooliris.
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    Wow dude, thanks for pointing that out to me! It must have just come out cause I was just looking a few days ago on both Appstore and Cydia!

    It even makes use of the accelerometer, or as i call it "the wii function".

    Very cool stuff!

    Do you know if it bases it searches on your google viewing? What i mean is that i don't like my searches filtered, so I turn off the filtering controls, and I turned off "safe search" in safari mobile, but does that carry over to the cooliris app?

    Either way good find! Consider this thread fulfilled and closed!!!

    To answer my own question:

    No it does not base it's searches on your mobile safari google preferences.

    Can you change the filters via cooliris? YES YOU CAN!

    open up cooliris, and type something in under the google search.

    Press image, there should be a little URL link like thing just underneath it. Be careful cause it takes a bit of time and if you move too fast it will crash.

    Clicking on this URL link underneath the image will open up the actual google image search web page inside cooliris.

    Expand the page as you normally would inside mobile safari and go to the top right where it says "image results" in the google frame. push the blue "image results" link and it should take you to the standard google image search page.

    Navigate yourself to where it says "safe search is on" underneath the search box.

    Push it and it should open up the google preferences page.

    Push "Do not filter my search results"

    Save Preferences.

    Dialogue Box confirming saved preferences should come up.

    Push "Return to Web View" and cooliris will now be set up to view unfiltered results!
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