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Thread: Risk Game

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    Default Risk Game
    I'd like to have a Risk version for iPhone/iTouch... the classic strategy game

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    i agree. someone get it crackin

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    with little cut scenes of the battles.
    would be great =D

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    My personal favorite is TurboRisk, I would love for that to be translated over.

    Small, simple and lots of AI players to play against (and you can write your own)

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    yeah - we need more strategic games to be played wifi/bluetooth with other iphone users...!!!

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    monopoly is a nice game that can be played on the iPhone to

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    Is there anyone on the site who is developing applications for the iphone?

    If there is why not select a few of the suggested applications put them into a poll... then get us to vote which one we want the most.

    That way they could concentrate on developing that one????

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    As a developer, I tend to develop the applications that *I* want the most. Silly me.
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    If you want to get developers to do something, it might help if you find source code of what you want, and then ask someone to port it. Developing games from scratch is a big deal...translating from one system to the iphone doesn't have to be. Get on SourceForge and run a search...chances are, the program won't be called Risk, seeing as how this name has already been taken (i.e. it is trademarked). But there are generic names for it, usually stuff like "globe war", etc...
    And you would need to suggest how it would be played on the iPhone...single player? Is the iphone the right platform for a board game? You know, stuff like that. Pitch it like you would to an investor...

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    you can run the GBA risk via gpSPhone.

    im sure a short google search will find what your looking for...

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    My company is behind one of the most successful Risk clones for OSX/Windows. We are currently designing a port optimized for the iPhone and iPod Touch. First version will be available in September. Eventually it will include hundreds of maps, hard AI, and more...
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    Virtual Conquest is here now! It follows the rules of the original Risk pretty closely and is very playable.

    Two Blue Cubes Software - Virtual Conquest

    or straight to the app store:



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    Lux Touch is now released, an awesome free risk game for iPhone. Check it out!! (app store link)
    Sillysoft Games - Because taking over the world is fun!

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