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Thread: MS WORD for iphone

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    There's no need for a full blown app, Apple's TextEdit program which is pretty small, also allows MS Word editing. You just don't have all the bells & whistles. Be nice if they applied something like that to the iPhone.
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    as a temporary solution couldn't you use google docs to edit , store , and from?
    I know it's not native but it is mobile

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    LOL. Great fun. I'll join in.

    Seriously, has anyone around here looked at AbiWord.. in 'doze. It saves to .abw (proprietary) .doc .rtf .txt. .html .html with css, xml.

    I admit I haven't had it open for awhile. Maybe something there to develop? Anyway, it is better than some of the older compilers. And it's free.

    I also like Edit Pad Pro ..for doze ..sorry, I don't have $1,000-$2,000 lying around for a Mac laptop.

    Anyway, Edit Pad Lite or Edit Pad Pro if nifty for keeping up my website, when I do keep up my website, finding new products on the internet and updating my website using FileZilla and FTP.

    Now, this is stuff I want on MY iTouch. Am I dreaming?

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    Default Take a look
    have a look at the office suite the Blackberry has available DynoPlex,Inc. is a leading developer of wireless document management solutions for handheld devices and enterprise grade productivity applications for RIM Blackberry. I have used it for the past 2 years and its ideal for editing docs and emailing them back to office or to where ever, it would not be a big problem for someone with the skills on a mac unfortunatly i do not have a mac! yet!

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    this would be a great idea

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    yea and something that could take the MS Word file from your iPod and put it into your PC or Mac. This would save a lot of my time. Also maby something with autosave or landscape mode would be good!

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    arent they working on a web version (Microsoft) of MSWORD?

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    yeah right. word is owned by microsoft. PERIOD. maybe a doc editor that works with office documents but NO WAY on the actual app. i work for microsoft. its not gonna happen
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    i read somewhere that they are making a web version of their office apps like google has and it will allow editing on web enabled phones

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    Quote Originally Posted by soulthoughts View Post
    I think there's a better chance of getting Open Office ported.
    which would still be able to edit/save WORD .doc files
    i think it's a good idea, especially for students or professionals
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    Quote Originally Posted by cricketlang View Post
    yeah right. word is owned by microsoft. PERIOD. maybe a doc editor that works with office documents but NO WAY on the actual app. i work for microsoft. its not gonna happen
    hahahahahahaha you work for microsoft and you're still using xp and not vista?....LOL FAIL!!(not u, ur employer)

    how many apple employees do you think are out there still running panther or tiger?
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    Don't forget that on Palm OS you could create and edit powerpoint, excel, and word files using Documents to go. And the palms aren't even as powerful.

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    Hehe if you badly need to type stuff use a wonderful program called notes.. And I doubt you will be wanting MsWord after you see the file size..

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    Why doesn't apple put an iPhone version of Pages out?

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    Quote Originally Posted by burdell1 View Post
    Why doesn't apple put an iPhone version of Pages out?
    very good point and im sure its been thought of or in the process.. Things has been ported to iPhone Keynote remote as well.. I wouldnt put it past them to release that
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    it would definitely helpful especially when you are always on the go...

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    Open Office Lite or something would be cool for it

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    pages would be sweet. ms word would be in its most basic form if it was released.

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    this whole discusion seems very familiar, i think we had it a couple weeks ago on irc

    it would be useless to try and port office or open office, they are both heavy duty apps

    right now there is textguru which is awsome in its own respect

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