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Thread: Thunderbird Integration

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    Default Thunderbird Integration
    I am no developer but I would like to make a plea to the dev community.
    The third party apps that have been release are amazing, I have only run across one that causes me any headache and problem, since 1.0.2.

    While the dev of purely new apps is great it really would be a blessing to the entire jailbroken and unlocked community to dev an app that could provide 2-way sync between Mozilla thunderbird, with Lightining, tasks and the iphone native contacts, calendar as well as integration into a third party todo app.

    I will donate $200 to any developer that can make a legit app to integrate these vital bits of info and I am sure that there are others that will jump on the bandwagon upon completion.

    I feel pigeon holed by Apple for only supporting Outlook on the windows platform, it is beyond my comprehension that Apple has become a Microsoft shop.

    I may be contacted @ [email protected]



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    That's not much of a bounty for a pretty hefty request, even if many other people did likewise.

    I'd suggest looking at Plaxo for a start. That will sync Thunderbird with Mac OS X's own "Truth" database, which is what backs the built-in Address Book application which already syncs with the iPhone.

    For the calendar appointments, try making your calendars Google calendars, subscribe to them in Thunderbird, and then also subscribe to them in iCal. Even if you never use iCal, that will trigger the items to sync with the iPhone.

    None of the third party task list apps I know of sync with anything yet.

    Also, I don't think Apple supporting only Outlook on Windows has anything to do with a desire to become a "Microsoft shop". Most Windows users use Outlook. Apple HAS to support it.

    And since Apple doesn't support Lightning/Thunderbird on Mac OS X either, this decision had everything to do with what products have a significant enough user base that it warrants support, and not who makes those products.

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