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Thread: Downgrading IOS HELP!

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    Default Downgrading IOS HELP!
    Ok. This has been a major major hassle!
    So, I started with trying to tether jailbreak my iphone 3gs running ios6.1. No luck, it would not install Cydia.
    I actually really only need it jailbroken to unlock it. It's my old phone, and a friend needs it as they broke theirs.
    So, someone had told me you cannot get an unlock for 6.1 yet?
    So rather than keep attempting to jailbreak it, I decided to downgrade the IOS to 5.1.1 first, then do the process. I had the phone jailbroken before.. twice. I have never had this much trouble before.
    I am continuously getting errors in iTunes.. first 1394, then 1604, 1602, 1601 and now it's 3194. F**K! I despise needing to use iTunes, it is such a pin in the a**.
    I have managed to try and get fixes for most of the errors. I have downloaded Tinyumbrella, iReb, and have switched the numbers in the host files.
    The one that people say "works" (apparently everything should have worked), is to uncheck "Set Hosts to Cydia on Exit.".. well as mu luck may have it, that is grayed out and I can't click on it.
    What can I actually do that will work..
    Or, was I misinformed and can actually unlock ios 6.1?
    I would much rather do that as there is now an untethered jailbreak. After 3 days of fighting with this, I just need some answers!
    Thanks in advance!

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    Yeah, you can actually now jailbreak iPhone 3GS unthered. You can easily do this by visiting the Evasi0n's website it's pretty easily and simple to do.. However, once you update to 6.1 you won't be able to unlock your iPhone since your baseband will change.

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    Just use Evasi0n to unlock it. The only downside is that it changes your baseband to 05.16.08.. Making it difficult to unlock it..

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    with baseband 5.16.08 how do you go about unlocking it?

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    Ultrasnow has been updated for 6.1

    Not sure how you unlock it with evasi0n? Did they just release something new?

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    Yeah, they uploaded it on their website 2 days ago. It's very easy to do tbh. Plus it's untethered as well.
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