my iphone 4s got stolen so i bought a 3gs from a friend that was stuck in recovery thinking it would be a easy fix boy was i wrong. im an att suscriber so i figured i could just connect to itunes and restore to ios 6 seeing how i dont mind ios 6 and everything would be great . well it doesnt work i get error -1 i have never in my life seen that error and after doing searches no one knows how to fix it. so im praying someone on here can help me im phoneless and it sucks . ive tried downgrading to 5.1.1 and nothing is working . i can tell you that it is a new bootrom phone the serial number begins with 88125 so i would assume its a older 3gs . i consider my self to be pretty computer savvy and have unlocked a few iphones for friends never with out a problem but this is hell . ive tried downgrading to 5.1.1 and change my host file and get 3194 so restored my host file to original run tiny umbrella and 1600 . I just need a working phone if only i could find the kid that stole the 4s . anyway if anyone out there can help me with the -1 problem i would greatly appreciate it. thanks guys any other info that you need from me just let me know . also im running windows 7