I've done a lot of reading on this but can't confirm that downgrading the baseband is possible with my particular configuration. I can't get it to work, that's for certain!

I have a new Boot ROM 3G-S which has iOS6 and the 06.15 iPad baseband. I'd like to downgrade the baseband to something unlockable with redsnow, but having tried the latest 'developer' version of redsnow and selecting my iOS 6 firmward ipsw, whenever the baseband downgrade process completes I'm left with a phone that take me through the initial setup questions then asks to be connected to iTunes and that's where it stays until eventually rebooting!

Should I be able to go from iOS 6 / 06.15 straight down to an unlocakble pre-06.15 baseband or do I need to be on an earlier iOS for this to work? Presumably if I did go to an earlier iOS version I'd use the non-developer redsnow too. Uncertain whether there are blobs for 5.1.1 stored anywhere but going back to 4.1 isn't a problem of course.

Thanks in advance,