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    hey guys i just got my 3gs 16gb 4 days ago from at&t and i had jailbreak on it then with out thinking i thought i just downloading the 3.1 software but it was updating instead. if i go back and pay the restocking fee 10% and get the 32gb will it be 3.1 or 3.0.1 just got to make sure before i make a $100 investment.

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    We arent going to know what firmware is loaded in the phones they have in stock. Its been asked several times on here.

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    I have an FML story.

    I had a 16 3gs _WITH_ shsh on file at cydia. I wasn't sure when / if saurik would have the service up. I took the phone back (as I had just gotten it a week ago) and told the apple employees that I wanted 'more space' in hopes that I would get a 32g with 3.0.1..

    Well FML, it had 3.1 pre-installed. AND when I went back the next day asking... nay BEGGING... for my 16g back they said "sorry we ship them as soon as they come back".

    (Incidentally I had updated to 3.1 on the 16gb out of pure naivete because I was so incredibly new to jailbreaking I didn't know any better.. when I saw saurik's "Make my life easier" I figured 'what the hell')

    My only excuse is that I was so new to jailbreaking that I really didn't know better.

    Quite a bit has changed since last night...

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    At least you have a bigger phone. Gotta look at the bright side

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