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Thread: Error 3002 at restore

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    Default Error 3002 at restore
    I whas trying to restore my 3GS to 3.0 and get error 3002 after the software whas extracted.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Coentje44 View Post
    I whas trying to restore my 3GS to 3.0 and get error 3002 after the software whas extracted.

    from sauriks forum:

    Upcoming 3.1 Exploit
    If you encouter "unknown error (3002)", you probably do not have your ECID SHSH's for 3.0 "on file" with Cydia. Unfortunately, as Apple is no longer allowing users to sign the 3.0 firmware, it is no longer possible to register your device with Cydia.

    Luckily, it has been reported that iPhoneOS 3.1 is vulnerable to another exploit. This means that, once a jailbreak is released for 3.1, users will be able to prepare themselves for future jailbreaks even if they missed the first round of signature storage (which I unfortunately was only able to start very late in the 3.0 game).

    Once you even attempt to use this service (or if you tell Cydia to "make your life easier") you will be signed up for the signature tracker, and Cydia HQ will do its best to manage your ability to restore

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coentje44 View Post
    as of now, so no chance to downgrade to 3.0 if you have not register ECID SHSH?

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    well i installed the new cydia patch on my 3GS 7 days ago.
    But it seems like in did not registered my ECID SHSH.


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    Lolz i made that together with iH8Sn0w


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    Quote Originally Posted by sdimm View Post
    Ok so here is a way to get your Ecid from 3gs 3.1

    Grab and get Signed your ECID for iPhone 3GS OS 3.1 | iPhone 3G S
    sn0w sn0w to me
    show details Sep 14 (2 days ago)
    This is the purplera1n App!

    I need either a ra1nyday ECID Cert, or a 3.1 iBEC or iBSS.

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    you should be able to get it with iBEC & iBSS Grabbers? right? it´s an app for windows

    Then us who have 3.1 on 3gs would have our iBec iBSS and Ecid. Wouldn´t that be all that is needed for us to get rid of this 3002?

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    We also need all the 3.0 images (like: boot logo, ramdisk, recovery etc.)

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    hmm, ok

    so wait for Devteam to release a jailbreak for 3.1 I guess is the final answer to the 3002 errormessage.

    I´m just looking for the jailbreak and not the unlock.

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    We have to wait a few more weeks.
    Saurik told me that Chronicdev is at the final stage..


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    Well that's just cute considering Saurik made it seem like it was OK to attempt to restore 3.0 or 3.0.1 when Cydia showed that the ECID was indeed on file in Cydia.

    While I only whine and complain when something is valid, this definitely feels that way currently. I feel like I haven't been given the whole story, and it's irritating that I now need to upgrade to 3.1 on my wife's phone through all of this.

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