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Thread: ECID via purplerain

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    Default ECID via purplerain
    I saved my ECID using purplerain. So I assume my ECID is not saved on the Cydia server. Am I still able to downgrade my 3gs from 3.1 to 3.0? Is there a way to upload the file to the Cydia server?

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    There is no way for you to upload it, you have to wait and see if someone makes an app that will allow you to downgrade with your ra1nyday file.

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    purplera1n doesn't work for me.
    enter the 16 digit code but no download option at all

    is there any other sites ?

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    Default not working for me too
    hi same here i enter the 16 digit number but no luck to me at all

    is it somtihng wrong we do ?

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    Of course it won't work, it stopped working (just like the option in Cydia) as soon as Apple stopped signing 3.0.

    And as saurik said in his article, his method via Cydia stored more information than purplera1n; so, as JedixJarf said, you will have to wait and see if someone comes up with a way to use the ra1nyday file. The two are not (currently) compatible.
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    ok why when i pasting my ecid number in the purplera1n web site the file is not made for me ?

    but if i jyst enter an 16 digit number the file is made very quickly ?

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    i guess if u have a mac/hack u can put ur phone on dfu/restore mode, open system profiler click on usb , click on ur iphone and u should see the info below

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    i dont have mac/hack can u help me in any way if i send you in private my ecid ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by motin View Post
    i dont have mac/hack can u help me in any way if i send you in private my ecid ?
    Ok i just found this Grab and get Signed your ECID for iPhone 3GS OS 3.1 | iPhone 3G S


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    thanks i tried this software in the link and its giving me the ecid but when i go to the link and trying to paste it there in the black window it will not output any file for me ?

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    i am not sure.guess signing ECIDs using the 3.0 firmware is no more possible

    read this
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