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Thread: I know im on file with cydia

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    Default I know im on file with cydia
    I know im on file with Cydia, but I keep getting the "3002" error. What am I doing wrong here....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matthewtn View Post
    I know im on file with Cydia, but I keep getting the "3002" error. What am I doing wrong here....
    Are you 100% certain? Did it say that today? Some people clicked the button right during the cutoff on Wednesday, and Apple's servers were down for maintenance and returning weird replies that I didn't quite understand but accidentally thought were valid. (Such as STATUS=0&MESSAGE=, with no message; normally STATUS=0 means "it worked".)

    This means that there were ~300 people whom I told "you have an ECID SHSH on file" that don't, in fact, and I upgraded their status late last night (so late that one might call it "this morning") to indicate that they were in fact too late.

    Fear not, however: 3.1 looks to be exploitable, so the real test of this infrastructure is going to be the 3.1 firmware, not 3.0. You should already have 3.1 keys on file with me if you ever did the message in Cydia, and now that you used the new server you also would be registered again even if there was confusion before.

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    I actually did the cydia file thing the first day it was posted. All went well. Guess I got missed somehow.

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    Are you trying to restore to 3.0 or 3.0.1? In my case that made a difference... with 3.0.1 it basically told me to get bent. with 3.0 it worked like a champ.

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    I am running into the same problem, and I distinctly remembering selecting the option to backup the files and I remember seeing that my files were 'on file' with Cydia.

    Does this downgrade path work with iTunes 9? I'm also bound to a satellite internet connection (I live in the middle of BFE) until I can get to work tomorrow, could slow or poor latency have an effect on this?

    Will this work on a Windows 7 x64 machine?
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