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Uploaded by stitchwod - 2007-09-22
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Hey guys,

This is my first attempt at modifying my iPhone. It's really just icon changes and the iTouch reflective base added.

The aim was to group icons with similar colours and make everything look neater. (line of green, then white/black, then blue, then finally orange).

1) Create a new Theme folder in Summerboard then copy dock.png, minidock.png & wallpaper.png into it

2) Create a subfolder in that theme called 'Icons'

3) Then copy all of the icons into the 'Icons' subfolder

4) Finally, use rSBT to arrange the icons on the Springboard. (see layout.txt for help).

Note: All of the icons used were downloaded from this website in the download section. The only changes I did was make the calendar and notes headers green and the settings background orange.


  • Stitch iPhone Theme
  • Stitch iPhone Theme
  • Stitch iPhone Theme


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