Downloads: Modded iPod Touch/OSX Wallpaper dock.

Modded iPod Touch/OSX Wallpaper dock.

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Uploaded by JohnnyAndre - 2007-09-15
Author Author Johnny Andre, Others
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I've been lurking and downloading lots of things from this site, and I thought it was time to give something in return.

Here's what I have to offer! Which includes a new SMS icon that closely matches the iPod touch music button as well as a new dock that matches a nice OSX background. I have all the dock icons as well as all of them offered as flat, but I didn't make most of those. Great job to who did!

PS: I've found these icons work best with Summerboard 1.7, for some reason 2.0 doesn't allow me to put 5 icons on my dock, so I I uninstalled it. If you like this icon set, please leave some feedback, I'd love to make improvements and also other themes!


  •  Modded iPod Touch/OSX Wallpaper dock.


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