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Uploaded by Mandara - 2007-09-07
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beNonentity4.0_SummerBoard Version.<Discussion Thread>
These files are just for the replacement of your current icons. So, You need to upload each files to the specific folders. There are no .ipb file for this unless some one re-make.



You need SummerBoard/rSBT installed.
There are three wallpapers with numbers. You should change those number if you already have on your iPhone.
Upload them to Library/Wallpaper/. Or, convert .png files to .jpg and sync to your album.
I recommend that you keep them as .png. because the color and quality are much better in PNG file.


*Special folders which start with underscore:


In this folder, There are the Web Apps which created with OpenURL. You don't need them unless you want.


There are three different SBDockBG2.png's that's adjusted for each wallpaper to make them seemless.
If you want to use your own dock or you have the way not to darken down the wallpaper in homescreen, Then don't use them.
BTW, I want to know the way not to darken down the wallpaper in homescreen too...


SpringBoard\English.lproj\LocalizedApplicationName s.strings

This file is for hiding App name under icons. You need to add lines if your Apps are not there.
<key>com.natetrue.iphone.nesapp</key> <------- (You can find this in Info.plist which located in each App folder.)
<string>NES</string> <---------- (Delete NES when you don't want to show.)




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