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Uploaded by shaialud - 2007-08-22
Author Author Philippe D
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New v0.02: Changed name to SwapTunes. Fixed an issue when running the app the first time twice in a row without syncing to any computer in between.

Are you like me, annoyed that you cannot sync your iPhone music/videos to more than one computer?
In my case I have different videos and music both on my home PC and my work PC. And unfortunately, iTunes does not allow you to sync music/video to more than one PC.

So until there is a software like Floola, Poddox or Sharepod for the iPhone, I created a very simple solution. This iphone app simply switches to a different itunes music library on your iphone. You can then sync your iphone with another computer, without erasing the other library, which is safely backed up somewhere else!

Then every time your run the app, it quickly swaps the two libraries! Just be sure to swap to the correct library before you sync.

That's all I needed!

In the future, I might improve it to allow for more than 2 libraries but I don't have an urgent need for it right now.

The code is extremely simple (a bash script) so don't be afraid to tweak it to your liking. I actually encourage you to have a look at to see what it's doing (kill the music player process, then move folders around).

Be sure to back up your music library before you try it, just in case something goes wrong. It works great on my iPhone but of course, this comes with no guarantees whatsoever and use it at your own risk.

As with other apps, to install, you need to jailbreak, install ssh (see guides section), unzip this file, copy the folder to your /Applications folder, chmod files to 0755 and restart the iphone. I'll try and create a package for the excellent iphone Installer app when I get a chance.

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