Downloads: iPhone GNU Bins (mkdir, chmod, etc)

iPhone GNU Bins (mkdir, chmod, etc)

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Uploaded by cmoski - 08-10-2007
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These are the GNU bins cross-compiled for the iPhone.

This includes:
banner, cat, chmod, chown, cp, csh, echo, fd2, glob6, goto, hostname, id
if, kill, ls, mesg, mkdir, nice, nohup, osh, pico (not quite working, see ttys fix), printenv, printf, pwd, rm, rmdir, sh6, sleep, telnetd, test, tsh, tshd, tty, uname, wc, which, and yes

These are standard GNU utils, just extract them to /bin, /sbin or any other directory in your iPhone's $PATH.

This will enable SCP clients to connect and manipulate files on the iPhone, a lot easier then many other file manipulation methods. SCP clients rely on rm and mkdir to do some of thier file operations as well as chmod.

Stay tuned for sshd!




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